Top 3 secrets of Katy Perry to keep fit

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To keep fit and healthy, our famous singer Katy Perry maintains these tips of doing exercise and picking the smart menu every day including drinking the best juice for weight loss.

What are the secrets of Katy Perry to keep fit?

Having a great physique along with strong emotional voice, American beauty is one of the most successful and favorite singers in the world. At the age of above 30, Katy Perry has proven to be a strong woman when she could perform her night concert for over 2 hours.

In order to maintain both her health and body shape, her secret does not lie only on her enchanting dance moves on stage, but also in the combination of all the rest: scientific diet, regular workout, and even meditation.

So, what is good nutrition diet with best juice for weight loss?

It’s the one that can boosts the immune system

Katy is a passionate fan of her own diet. The diet is based on the five elements of Harper Pasternak. This regime encourages you to eat five small meals a day, while also exercising five times a week.

Here’s the deal

The singer shared with People magazine that when she was busy, she only likes light soup, along with a few slices of grilled chicken, some healthy grains like quinoa and served with asparagus.

She also likes to absorb vitamins and nutrients from coconut milk and fresh amazing juice, especially those that can help her lose weight. She is now actively pursuing a balanced diet that promotes health, maintains high energy levels for shows, and helps the body avoid illness.

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On the other hand

Like everyone else, Katy has her own ‘break time’ that allow her to eat whatever she wants. Her favorite dishes are Burger sandwiches, Mexican food and chocolate.

What are smart alternatives?

American beauty always tries to choose healthful food for her body. For example, when you crave something like Mexican food, you'll try to find a healthy version, such as quesadillas with turkey, black beans, and low fat cheese.

When it comes to nostalgia of peanut butter and jelly (PB&J), the singer will switch to making delicious smoothie that are mixed with all necessary flavors but with little or no fat.

Always exercise to keep your body toned

Pop music lovers are more likely to be outdoors instead of being ‘locked up’ in gyms. She is also known as a passionate mountaineer.


Katy Perry also took the time to do the exercises designed by Harley's coach and persisted in jumping rope.

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One of the secrets of the American celebrity to burn fat effectively is to not rest between exercises, to keep the heart rate up. This will help the body stay in a state of burning energy.

Her coach said: "Katy sets a goal of doing high-intensity exercise in five days a week, including lunges and hip thrusts. This will help her gain a lean body, as well as promote metabolism in the body and especially you can always perform anytime, anywhere. "

Katy Perry's ideal day is waking up early in the morning, getting energized by outdoor exercises, meditating, and of course enjoying the fresh air.

To sum up

orange juice best juice for weight loss

Obviously, for any healthy and weight loss diet, you cannot miss having a cup of best juice to lose weight. Besides, doing sufficient exercise and having meditation can enhance your diet even better like what Katy Perry has been doing.

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