Top 3 Simple Recipes With Guava

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Guava has been very common in the Asian fruit world. The benefits of guava juice surely gives you a healthy body. What are other recipes for you to enjoy? Check it out.

What are the full recipes to have tasty meals with guava?

1. Sweet and sour guava

guava sweet and sour recipe

Sweet and sour guava is just crunchy, sour and sweet with spicy pepper or chili sauce. It is a wonderful snack for . Let's start to make sweet and sour pickled crispy crust sweet love for your girlfriend to eat noodles below bored with the food court offline.

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Some guava

Sugar, vinegar, salt, filtered water

Chili powder, salt, cooking oil, sugar

Clean glass bottle.

How to make it

Wash and rinse with purified water.

Mix the vinegar, sugar, salt, water to a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1. Dissolve the sugar, vinegar, water and salt into the bowl.

Place guava in a clean glass jar, pour the mixture of vinegar mixture  into the jar and cover itfor about 2 days at least. This will make sure it is edible with great taste.

Make chili sauce. You can pour chili into the bowl, add little boiling water to chilli and mix well. Add the oil to the pan, add salt for better taste. Pick up the pan from the stove, wait for it to cool then pour it in the jar, and store it in the refrigerator.

With this recipe that are extremely simple and you can hand-cook this Asian fruit snack without any complicated materials or equipment, it gives you the savory taste for the whole family enjoy. T

IKR? That's right. Write it down on your recipe list now.

2. Vegetarian Guava Salad

guava salad recipe afw

The dish of guava salad always stimulates my crave for food. This dish, however, is different from the salad we often eat, especially in Asian countries. It does not use fish sauce to mix, but salt and chilli to give the flavor to the dish.


3 guavas

3 mock meat (imitation meat)

2 pieces of skin tofu (yuba or bean curd skin)

Salt, sugar, chilli and chili paste


How to make it

Put oil into the pan, when it is hot, put the tofu skin into the pan. Deep fry the tofu skin until golden to give the crunchiness to the dish.

Next, put them in the rack to drain the oil.

You boil the mock meat first once you buy from grocery store, then start to tear them into bite-sized pieces.

Then, we start to season and mix it well.

We heat the oil, then start to deep fry the mock meat.

You will then do the same thing with mock meat as with tofu skin. Put it on the rack or in the bowl with napkins to drain the oil.

Now, you can start to cut guava into medium size, but not too small.

Wash the mint leaves.

Crush well salt, sugar and chilli in a wooden bowl until they all well blend together.

If the sauce is not sour, prepare less lemon juice.

Mix well the salt, chilli with lime juice.

Add the mixture into the bean curd and mock meat.

Mix well to let it absorb the seasoning.

Put guava into the bowl of mixture. Add chili sauce, aka Sriracha, into the mixture.

If you like dried tofu skin, fry until golden. Then, crush that big piece of dried tofu skin into the bowl.

Put in the bowl the mint leaves.

Put in on the plate and it’s time for the whole family to enjoy!

If you look at the piece of guava in the salad, you may think, it is freaking giant! However, once mixed well and absorbed all the ingredients, it is super super delicious!!

This uncommon dish of salad surely gives you a savory dinner meal.

3. Guava juice


guava juice afw

1 guava

1 tablespoon sugar

How to make it

First and foremost, wash the guava and let it dry. After all, hygiene is always the priority.

Cut guava with the peel because inside the peel is a lot of vitamin C, and then grind the puree with 100 ml of filtered water. This is the typical benefits of guava juice.

Filter out the pulp and seeds. This is also what I prefer having for juice.

Drinking cold guava juice with ice or cooling it in the fridge then drinking a cup twice per week is very healthy.

The benefits of guava juice are undeniable. You may also want to know more about the benefits of guava juice and why I recommend the juice on my website. Foodfact also agreed with all the nutritional value of guava. 

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This article is dedicated to Ravi who actually left us a comment to know more about recipes of guava and melons. Stay tuned and I’ll upload many other yummy recipes on my website. I always make sure that I read your comment and replied back to you.


If you also like cooking with fruits, leave us a comment below, and we will try to reach back to you as soon as possible.

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