Top 5 concerns without eating fruits

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How would our body be like without fruits like lychee vs rambutan?

We may know how essential fruits are to our bodies. Examples of the most healthful Asian fruits we have mentioned can be rambutan vs lychee. So, what if we lack fruits? What kind of issues will it bring to our bodies? Check it out.

Dangers of lack fruit consumption to our bodies

Risk of heart disease

As Live Strong stated, according to a study by Harvard University that observed 110,000 adults for 14 years, those who had more fruits and vegetables have a higher chance of reducing risk of heart disease.

Specifically, those who had 8 cups intake of produce every day can lower the risk of heart attack by 30% than those who are less than 1 ½ cups.

Risk of cancer

Yesterday I came across a man with cancer. He was sitting alone at that time, still looking strong and healthy with bald head. I gave him the survey and explained the purpose of the survey. And he just said that he did not care about it anymore as now he can only have expensive non GMO organic foods.

What's the real story?

He said that before, all he ate was red meat and fast food as of his preference and “whatever” mindset without consuming any kind of fruits. He strongly said that he still couldn’t believe he is facing cancer as he still played sports and all before that.

Why does this matter?

With this story being told, we should acknowledge that fruits can enhance significant amount of nutrients to keep us safe from any serious disease.


We all know each type of vitamin can keep our body stronger thanks to many of its healthy function. For instance, vitamin B provides “energy” to our body to keep ourselves well-oiled running machines.


Vitamin C is so well-known for the growth and development of all body tissues. We should also consume Vitamin A to maintain good health of teeth, bones and soft tissues, immune system, etc.

What’s more​

They include a significant amount of minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. These minerals definitely will contribute to the development of bones, heart and so on. Therefore, avoiding these foods can have negative effects on our body due to deficiencies.

eating fruits benefits 2

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Digestive Issues

Fruits and vegetables have a type of indigestible carbohydrate that we all know as fiber. Having intake of fiber will not increase the amount of calories; however, importantly, it can improve your intestinal health.

I can't emphasize this enough

According to SFGate, this kind of fiber can help fasten the waste as it passes through intestine and helps you prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Meanwhile, not eating enough fiber can increase the risk of having these problems.

5. Poor Weight Management

In general, fruits and vegetables, especially those with low starch and high water content, are the most nutritious, but least caloric among other groups of food. They are often called low-calorie foods because they contain fewer calories per gram than other foods.

You see

Therefore, you can eat more of them and have fewer calories. They are also rich in fiber that keeps you full until the next meal. Otherwise, you may find yourself consume greatly more calories from other food groups, and still do not feel satiated. This, in return, makes it more difficult to manage your weight.

eating fruits benefits 3

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For these alerting health issues, it is highly recommended that we have an average of 8 cups of fruits per day. Luckily, rambutan vs lychee have the same positive effects to our body. There is no reason you should miss lychee vs rambutan thanks to their benefits. They absolutely can help prevent heart disease, improve your bone health, support digestion, and boost your immune system. Because of their nutritious value, many of us may want to enjoy them in different ways. Check out our recipes to cook delicious meals with rambutan vs lychee.

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