Top 6 Fruits that Surprisingly Treat Heart Diseases

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You or your family have a heart problem?

You believe that good diet can help improve that problem?

Then, I’m glad to tell you that you’re right. A diet rich in fruits can help lower the risks of a heart disease and stroke.

Fruits alone are not sufficient to cure heart disease, but a good combination of a variety fruits and vegetables along with whole meal diet really works for patients with cardiovascular problems. Today, let’s go hardcore on fruits alone.

So, if you are suffering from a heart condition, or you have a family member or friend with a heart disease, the following are some of the most typical fruits for heart disease you should know.

One bonus!

We understand that we all have our busy life. A full breakfast meal seems luxurious for us! (And I can totally relate!) So, together with these fruits, we will also include one simple recipe for making juice and smoothies that can provide you with enough calories for your energetic morning!


How does berry help you well?

berry consumption benefits 3

Berry is full of heart healthy phytonutrients along with healthy fiver. Eating blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries and enjoy your fruits along with yogurt or cereals. Berry is also rich in Vitamin C, folate, fiber, magnesium and potassium. Potassium is essential to keep your heart beating and lack of potassium in the body can result to irregular heartbeat.

What we recommend for you

How wonderful it is to have a cup of juice with all your favorite leafy greens and berries?

At least, I can say that, adding some spinach and berries into my morning juice can “green up” my day so well. The recipe is introduced by Genius Kitchen.


So, how does it work?

The American Heart Association recommends eating at least 8 servings of fruits and vegetables. Orange has been found to be rich in vitamin c, fiber, sodium and potassium which are all good for your heart. Potassium helps keep your kicker beating ad lowers blood pressure, thus reducing risks for stroke. Its deficiency leads to irregular heartbeats. They are great immunity boosters.

The beta-cryptoxanthin components in orange protect your body from inflammatory joint diseases most of which are as a result from heart issues. *Medical reports from Centres for Disease Control, a whole orange is recommended compared to packed orange which are deprived of some important nutrients.  

Research findings indicate that Vitamin C found in orange protects body by neutralizing the free radicals which may lead to chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer. Fiber in orange helps lower cholesterol levels.

What juice we recommend for you:

This greeny juicy drink of orange and cucumber together with spinach from Tasty can definitely provide you with essential vitamins and nutrients to beat your heart disease.


Why are apple good for your heart?

According to Cleveland clinic – America’s top heart hospital, they recommend fresh, firm and deep orange or yellow-orange apple to their heart’s patients. Apple are rich in Vitamin A, C,E & K and carotenoids. They help lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, thus good for you heart.

Scientific American once emphasized that 2 apple per day can absolutely lower the risk of coronary artery disease.

What juice we recommend for you:

Apple and celery have long been “friends” whenever it comes to snacks or even drinks. So why don’t you try to make yourself a cup of juice with apple and celeries with recipe from Food and Wine

With some drops of ginger and parsley, it is also anti-inflammatory and great for your entire body.

banana weight loss 2


What’s in banana for you?

Cleveland Clinic recommends firm ripe banana for heart problems. Banana contain Vitamin B6 and C, fiber, potassium and magnesium. Potassium and magnesium lower the blood pressure and protects you from stroke.

What drink we recommend for you

The banana smoothie by Minimalist Baker is amazingly and refreshingly delicious! With a cup of this smoothie of banana and leafy greens per day, you make sure that you have enough energy for your morning and can sooth your heart problem too!


What’s good about papaya?

Healthline emphasized that papaya is extremely good for heart patients. It contains vitamin A, C and E, magnesium, potassium, folate and calcium. It helps improve your immunity and heart health. A papaya contains anti-inflammatory compounds and they help prevent cancer. Eat all fruits with moderation for great results.

What drink we recommend for you

You can’t miss the smoothie of Papaya and Banana because it’s AMA-zing!


This recipe of papaya banana smoothie from Food Network has shown that it is sugar-free (great for people with diabetes), healthful and delicious. Let’s enjoy a cup of this yummy smoothie every day!

Interested in other best fruits for diabetes? Why not check out more?


How can it be healthy for your heart?

According to the research findings, The America Heart Association say that cantaloupe is good for heart patient due to their many health benefits. They contain Vitamins A, C and B6, fiber folate and potassium which are all essential nutrients for a strong, healthy heart.

What recommended juice we have for you

As we know so far, cantaloupe and banana are extremely good for heart health. So, this recipe came up into our mind thanks to Splendid Table. The ingredients include both cantaloupe and some tomato that will add an exciting flavor to the drink.

I totally understand how you feel when sipping the juice of tomato, which is sometimes tart and (well!) complex! With the sweetness of cantaloupe, you do not have to hold your breaths whenever you take a sip of tomato juice.

No worries.

Are you looking for the best juicer to buy? Check it out now to make yummier juices!

omega j8006 best juice for weight loss

So, in general, you can find these fruits that are absolutely great for heart diseases, including:

  • Berry
  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Papaya
  • Cantaloupe

Hope you get your valuable piece of information here today!

Thank you for watching!

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