Top 6 fruits to increase breast size

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There are some fruits essentially good for your breasts, that you can eat or even make a mask. They not only help skin smoother, but also prevent cancer.

According to Grow Breast Naturally, the fruits below can help smoothen your skin and prevent breast cancer. Check it out.

What are 6 fruits to increase breast size?


strawberry top 6 fruits to increase breast size

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Strawberry is not only rich in antioxidants and vitamin C but also contains good ingredients for your breasts. According to a study by the University of Helsinki, the eight most popular berries in the world are rich in phytoestrogens. And in the list, strawberry came in the second place.

In addition, strawberry is rich in ellagic acid. It is believed that this acid inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells.

Not only for eating, you can also turn strawberries into a mask for your breasts. In Egypt, many women use strawberry masks to keep their skin clean, smooth and firm.

Alpha-hydroxyl acid in strawberry helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, while ellagic acid prevents collagen degradation. Thus, strawberry masks help reduce wrinkles in the chest, making breast look more beautiful and young.

How can you do that?

Simple as this. Grind the strawberries puree, then put directly on the chest. Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cool water.

You can also enjoy strawberry smoothie and to keep strawberries fresh and use it daily without worrying it may get rotten by putting it into the freezer. We are sure that there are sufficiently 6 reasons to eat frozen fruits.Pomegranate

pomegranates top 6 fruits to increase breast size

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Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants, helps regenerate cells, protects the skin from premature aging and improves blood circulation to the heart. This supernatural food is also considered to be a breast enhancer in Korea due to its high phytoestrogens content.

How about pomegranate shells?

What’s more, pomegranate shells are the most nutritious, even more than the fruit meat. Thus, you can search for pomegranate extract to massage the breast skin better.

The essential oil of this fruit is very popular with Indian women to keep their breasts strong. Also, you can eat pomegranate or drink pomegranate juice every day to maximize its effectiveness.

You wonder how to find the best masticating juicer to not get into trouble?

People may have problem of making juice out of pomegranate because of its multiple seeds. However, with the best masticating juicer, you can still make delicious pomegranate juice thanks to the strainer supported by every best masticating juicer.


 banana top 6 fruits to increase breast size

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Many women know about the amazing benefits of banana and use this fruit to make a mask for their face and hair. Banana has many beauty benefits, such as moisturizing dry hair, reviving dull skin and preventing wrinkles.

Banana can also be used as a mask to effectively smooth the skin, prevent from sagging and help strengthen the chest. Eating bananas every day will help your breasts round to help you always feel confident.

Green papaya

green papaya top 6 fruits to increase breast size

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It is considered as one of the richest fruits, vitamins A, B, B1, B2, C, protein, iron, enzymes, organic acids and fiber. It helps stimulate estrogen production.

However, ripe papaya is not the best option. The main factor for improving your breast health is the enzyme in the papaya fruit. This enzyme, meanwhile, is more abundant in green papaya but little in ripe one.


cherry top 6 fruits to increase breast size

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This is one of the most effective fruits to increase the breast size due to its high nutrient content. In 100g cherries contains up to 59mg of iron and a multitude of vitamins and minerals such as B, C, calcium, phosphorus ...

Eating cherries regularly will help the body add many important nutrients, promote red blood cell regeneration, which helps prevent anemia (due to iron deficiency). As a result, cherry helps strengthen the chest organically.


apple top 6 fruits to increase breast size

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Eating apples regularly will help your breasts grow well. Apples are rich in carbs and vitamins. Eat an apple in the morning every day is the best way to absorb nutrients. In addition, you can also eat a fruit before lunch or afternoon.

6 fruits to help increase breast size infographic

Apple can also be one of the ingredients for top 5 kinds of juice perfect for the winter to provide you with necessary nutrition.

Fruits absolutely have amazing benefits, and one of those is to enhance the health of your breast. Why not take advantage of it today?

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