TRIBEST SLOWSTAR: Number 1 Masticating Juicer?

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Today we will review the best value masticating juicer: Tribest Slowstar SW 2000. Tribest Slowstar does not only run very quietly, but it can also make various fabulous juice for your family.

We have made several masticating juicer reviews as we are juice lovers. When deciding to buy a juicer, a we have considered a few criteria including the size of the juicer, the sound it will make while juicing, etc. The two most important criteria that we’re looking for in the best masticating juicer are how quiet it runs and how high-quality juicer it will make. This juicier can easily meet those criteria.

How does Tribest Slowstar become our best favorite masticating juicer?

What’s inside the box?

tribest slowstar sw2000 all

The package arrived home on time with a very helpful handler on top, like the one that you may get when buying a laptop. All the parts came very secured inside the box so you can be sure that the parts did not get damaged while being shipped.

All the parts inside are so brilliant, clean and sturdy!

Included inside the box (left to right) are the juicing attachment that will be on the right side of the machine, plunger, duoblade double-edged Ultem auger, juice or pulp containers, Ultem juicing screen, pulp wiping assembly, main body (of course!), cleaning brush, stainless steel strainer, and last but not least the mincing attachment.

How does Slow Juice Extraction help make the best juice?

tribest slowstar sw2000 blade

So far, this is the juicer with the slowest speed cold press juice extraction, about only 47 RPM. It can effectively prevent any process of oxidation and preserve most of the helpful live enzymes, essential vitamins and nutrients that are unavoidably destroyed by heat or friction. Apparently, any fast movement will create heat, which increases the risk of oxidizing your juice. This is also one of the reasons why it is better than centrifugal juicers. As Huffington Post stated, you get the best of the juice from masticating juicers. 


The slow speed makes the machine seem much quieter than others as well. We have put a cup of water close to it, and the water was not vibrant too much at all.

You can also enjoy a cup of favorite juice to lose weight without any tasteless pulp thanks to its stainless steel strainer.

Next, this Tribest Slowstar juicer comes with duo-blade auger. When it works, it cuts twice the fruits and vegetables compared to the traditional auger. What’s good about it is that it helps make juicer much faster and easier, especially for those who have never used a juicer before. The auger is made of Ultem. It is the material that can be 8 times stronger than other cheap plastic materials popular in other slow juicers.

Together with it is the 200-Watt Motor and 3-stage speed reduction gears that can eventually prevent any kind of jamming and delay. It can even juice many hard fruits and vegetables like guava juice, carrot juice or many kinds of juicer perfect for the winter.

Do you want to make some salsas?

If yes, this is the excellent choice because it also includes a mincing attachment that can easily turn the juicer into the food homogenizer. This is absolutely great for making any kinds of your favorite sauces like salsa, or even sorbet. 

tribest slowstar sw2000 juice cap

I sometimes have clumsy hands so when I made juice before, it usually spilled every where on the table. This juicer can make my kitchen much cleaner thanks to its juice cap that you can use. It can also limit any leak or drip while switching to another container or premixing your juice. Another tip for using the cap is when pre-cleaning the screen. You can close the cap and gently shake it to cleanse the screen.

So far, I like the design of this machine more than others thanks to its convenience and high-quality materials. I also love the compact size of the machine. Looking at the variety of products offered in the market, this is comparably smaller than anything else. It can save up a lot of space on my kitchen countertop and I can put more food around the machine while making more kinds of juice.

tribest slowstar sw2000 dimension

What’s better?

It is the 10-year warranty. They have such an amazing customer support team that can ensure the quality of your product over 10 years.  I have once had problems with the motor since it was making weird noise. When I tried to contact them when I was still under the protection, they have responded pretty fast to my request and I could get it fixed easily.

What I don’t like about Tribest Slowstar?

First of all, the speed! Yes, it can minimize the oxidization, but it takes a while to make a cup full of juice. But personally, it’s worth the wait because it gives you the best-taste juice compared to other juicer machines.

Secondly, cleaning and assembly can be an ‘interesting’ part for most of us because it consists of many parts before making the juice, after juicing. However, as they provide us with a useful brush, we can use it to scrub the pulp inside the screen.

How to juice better?

tribest slowstar sw2000 close up

It is true that it’s quite troublesome for the cleaning. However, if you are able to clean it immediately with warm waters, it cannot be easier. Soak it in warm water, and then use the brush to scrub off the pulp inside the screen, it can easily be removed.

What’s more, chopping your veggies and fruits into small pieces before juicing is another secret to keep the best juicer alive for a longer time. 

Above are our detailed review for Tribest SlowStar, one of the best masticating juicers in the market. It is a well-designed juicer that works quiet and can retain most of the nutrition while juicing. It might take a while to make a cup of juice because of its slow speed. However, it can effectively reduce the oxidization and gives you the best juice to start off your day. With all these considerations in mind, we gave it 4/5 stars!

Hope you can find the right masticating juicer to make the healthy juice every day!

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What's good?

  • check
    Good ability to juice out hard fruits and vegetables
  • check
    Strong duo-blade auger made of Ultem
  • check
    Mincing attachment included
  • check
    A strainer for a pulpless juice
  • check
    Slowest extraction speed for better tasting juice

Bad stuff?

  • check
    A lot of time required


PRICE: $329.39

Post Author: Jasmine