US: Do we buy berries because of its health effects?

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Are berries our favorite fruits? Do we eat them because they are healthy?

A study by a group of researchers from Center for Nutritional Research (CNR) in Illinois Institute of Technology today gave their detailed answers for those questions.

By exploring results from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2007-2012, researchers from CNR found some correlation between berry consumption and health consciousness. With the guidance from nutritional guidelines like Dietary Guidelines for Americans, short for DGA, they compared the berry intake with fruit intake in general and find out what the true reasons are for berry consumption.

The research also gave some recommendations on how to improve the consumption of berries, which is what many farmers and grocery stores are looking for to increase the sales.

Why are berries rich in nutrients?

Berries like blueberries, raspberries contain a significant amount of healthy ingredients. More specifically, they include the typical minerals and vitamins like vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and so on.

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Berry consumption is necessary to cure several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cognitive aging, etc. What’s more, according to Health, berries like blackberries are very rich in polyphenols, a substance essential to prevent cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Berries can also have the effects of weight loss.

Thanks to their health benefits, a researcher group led by Dr. Britt Burton- Freeman wanted to find whether there is a link between the amount of berry intake with health benefits. They recalled data from NHANES from 2007-2012 and behavioral characteristics using FCBS from 2007-2010.

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What are the results?

Surprisingly, only 1/5th of the adult population aged above 18 consumed the required amount of 2 cups of fruits per day. Meanwhile, only 1% of them ate 1 cup of berries every day.

Wait there’s more

The average of daily berry intake was just approximately 1/8th cup. This is much less than the standard amount used for conducting a study on health effects of berry consumption.

Do different demographics give different consumption behaviors as well?

The answer is yes. The results showed that fruit intake varied among different types of demographics. They varied more by age, income and educational level and less by race and ethnicity. To be more detailed, people with higher education background and income level consumed more berries every day.

The results were obvious that the more aware people are of the healthiness of fruit diets and of USDA food guidance, the more fruits they eat every day. What’s more, anyone who used food label and always have food at home tend to eat more berries as well.

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To sum up

After the study, the group of researchers came to conclusion that we consume very little fruits in general or berries specifically. To increase the consumption, sellers should do more promotion on type of products that can be stored at home more regularly as of the correlation between the availability of fruits at home and fruit consumption. And public health associations and agencies should also raise more awareness of food labeling and dietary guidance to also have the same result.

I think, why not eat fruits when they can help you prevent tons of diseases, even cancer. Many researchers also proved the positive effects of drinking some amazing juice for weight loss like orange juice, guava juice, pomelo juice, etc.

What is guava juice and the benefits of it?

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