Want a blue dazzling bowl of smoothie? Juice It Up! got it for you!

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Are you getting ready for Juice it Up! new drink?

Hang in there for Juice It Up!’s new Blue Vitality Spirulina Bowl.

Juice it Up!, one of the most popular smoothie, raw juice bar and hand-crafted smoothie chains, has made a bold move right after new year started.

Juice it Up! started new year with a new advanced Spirulina bowl, which they called Blue Vitality. They planned to launch it across their whole system, which made them become the first big juice chain to offer Blue Majik Spriluna with amazing nutritional value.

Tracey Halama, Senior Vice President of Sales, said that this promising partnering with Vital Protein will be a hit for smoothie fans to build high-quality life.

What’s inside the bowl?

Juice It Up! were surely aware of the demand for tastty yet functional meal to support healthful lifestyles. That’s why they added plenty of nutritious ingredients like Greek Yogurt, mildly sour pineapple fruit and juices, a hint of lemonade, the highlighted Blue Majik Spirulina, Vital Proteins collagen, sweet mango.

As if it’s not enough

The bowl is topped with ripe bananas, honey, coconut flakes, chia seeds and granola. Such a flavorful bowl isn’t it?

What’s the benefit of this new bowl?

As you may already know, lemon and pineapple provides our body with great source of viramin C. Lemon can also be one of 8 fruits that best reduce fever.

What is Blue Majik?

spriluna blue majik

According to Pop Sugar, blue majik spriluna is extracted from blue-green algae Arthrospira platensis. It is full of vitamin B12, enzymes and vitamins. This latest trending ingredient can be great for any kind of not only cold-pressed juices, protein powders, but also lattes.

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What’s it worth to you?

Absolutely it can help your body stronger and get more fit!

Thanks to its richness in vitamin C and B12, it helps boost your immune system, lower your level of cholesterol and support your digestion system.

There’s more

It also includes significant amount of collagen to help improve the skin, hair and nail skin.

Who are their ambassadors this time?

Johnny Hekker and Adrianna “AD” Franch, professional athletes, will help the big brand promote the amazing benefits of Juice It Up! innovative product. Johnny is a NFL Pro-bowl who is a punter of Los Angeles Rams while Adrianna is a famous goal keeper for Portland Thorns. This new bowl will help them in their healthy sports lifestyle for performance improvement.

 “Our Blue Vitality is a beautiful and delicious addition to our line of functional bowls, and we’re proud to be the first major chain to offer the incredible ingredient of Blue Majik Spirulina to our discerning guests,” says Meredith Gough, senior marketing manager for Juice It Up!

This partnership and new endorsement will surely help them grow much stronger that aligns to their commitment to product innovation and health nourishment.

Bottom Line.

The Blue Vtality Spirulina Bowl will start to be featured on their menu from March 2 together with other authentic and popular juices, fresh fruits smoothies and many more.

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Source: QSR Magazine

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