What are 9 most popular summer fruits?

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Today, I would like to introduce 9 most popular summer fruits. The reason why I call them summer fruits is that they are not only most available during summer time, but also extremely healthy and yummy that no one in your family can hate them. Check it out in my article below.


9 kinds of fruit to eat in the summer

Healthy fruits are an integral part of your daily diet. But it is hard to know which fruits are healthy, which fruit is best for you! As a family member, you will probably care more than this. The fruit you choose should be good for health and of course, everyone should like it.

1. Apple

9 summer fruits apples

Again, apple is a “winner” again in this list. It does not only decrease the glucose level for people with diabetes, but also helps detox our body

Did you know that by combining an apple into your daily diet will give you 3 grams of fiber per day? While normally, you need at least 20 to 30 grams of fiber in your diet each day, so just one apple will help keep you in the right direction! A diet high in fiber can also help reduce your risk of heart diseases, and apples are one of the fruits that give you the fiber you need for your body.

2. Banana

9 summer fruits banana

We all know that bananas are an excellent source of potassium, but do you know that potassium actually plays a vital role in cardiovascular health and function? If you eat an average-sized banana per day, you will feel much better! This is really one of the healthy fruits with absolutely great taste.

3. Apricot

9 summer fruits apricot

Apricots, even the dried ones, are super tasty and healthful fruits as they contain a lot of vitamin A. They actually contain more vitamin A than any other fruit. According to New York Times, vitamin A is an essential mineral that helps maintain and improve the health of skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue.

4. Orange

9 summer fruits orange 1

When you get sick and fatigue, what is the first juice you want to drink or you can come up with? I would definitely be orange juice. This wonderful and juicy fruit contains all kinds of vitamin C and calcium; therefore, it is good for your health, and increases your resistance, especially this summer.

5. Mango

how do you love mango

We are all familiar with how much vitamin A and C the orange contains as it is our top choice in the grocery stores whenever we look for any vitamin C rich fruits. In fact, fruits that have an adequate amount of beta-carotene can meet all your vitamin needs. Mango can be a perfect alternative. An average mango contains about 57 mg of vitamin C, which is good for your body and your immune system! There are also many other reasons why mango is a recommended fruit in our daily diet plan, such as improving digestive system, cleansing the skin, etc.

6. Papaya

9 summer fruits papaya

Papaya is also another popular Southeast Asian fruits with lots of minerals and vitamins. According to Organic Facts, papaya is also extremely rich in antioxidant nutrients as just one cup of papaya is already giving you vitamin C. It also contains about 2.5 grams of fiber, almost the same amount of apple.

7. Cherry

9 summer fruits cherry

According to Fortune, cherries have always been among the best-selling fruits in the US. They can be very sweet and most used in many kinds of cakes or pastries. In terms of health facts, cherry has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it! You may not know that cherries can actually help prevent cancer. Cherries are truly an incredible fruit and should be included in your diet no matter at what time. Cherry harvest season starts in early May to late August, so summer is the perfect time to buy the most delicious and fresh cherries.

8. Strawberry

strawberry afw

Just like other fruits in berry family, strawberries are good for health and should be added to the diet as it contains the full amount of vitamin C and fiber needed for the body every day. You can add it into any kind of dessert, such as rice pudding with mango and strawberry, etc.

9. Blueberry

9 summer fruits blueberry

This wonderful fruit contains the greatest amount of antioxidants and can actually help prevent and even treat any infection in the bladder. Blueberries will prevent bacteria from sticking to the urinary wall, limiting the risk of urinary infection!

9 summer fruits infographics

Infographics: by asianfruitworld.com

Above are the 10 summer fruits that you can find cheap and refreshing during this hot weather. Of course, the other reason to have fruits is to keep your overall health strong. So do not skip eating fruits every day.

Thanks for reading my article today.

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