What is best juice for weight loss and many more?

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Would you agree that obesity and diabetes have been a big concern to many of us in the US?

How can we prevent it from happening?

One of the easiest ways is to drink nutritional fruit juice. Why? Fruit juices like orange juice, grapefruit juice can effectively help you control weight gain.

Today, we will give you top juice to help you lose weight, decrease the symptom of gout, and so on.

What are those kinds of best juice for weight loss, gout and urinary infection?

Why is fruit juice important?  

Shockingly, up to 2015, in more than 30 states in the US, over 26% of population was diagnosed with obesity and more than 9% of population in 25 states in the US had diabetes. (CDC’s Division of Diabetes)

At least 2.8 million people die each year because of being overweight or obese. (WHO, 2010)

rate of obesity best juice for weight loss
population of obesity and diabetes

For that reason, we already know that more and more people are concerned about the healthy lifestyle by searching for healthier foods and drinks. (Voorpostel et al., 2014) And even if some of us may not show more interest in buying those products, we would still be mindful of their health benefits.

Together with this, because we are always busy with our own life and routine, it is hard to follow through the healthy habits. Therefore, in a study of Silva in 2005, it is proved that we seem more interested in buying more practical products that can save us time to process.

So, it would be fair to say that the needs for fruit juice have significantly increased over time.

Why do we say like that?

In a study in the city of Viçosa (Minas Gerais, Brazil), people even drink juices and fruit nectars up to 3 to 5 times per week. (Carmo et al., 2014).

orange juice best juice for weight loss brazil

How can we define fruit juice?

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil - MAPA (Brasil, 2009) gave us a clear definition of fruit juice. ​ It is a non-fermented beverage unlike beer or kombucha (our newly trending drink in the US). What’s more important, it is not concentrated and made from healthy fruits by high technology processing.  

Walk away today with several best juice for weight loss, people with diabetes, gout diseases and other common related issues.

The best juice for weight loss: Orange juice

orange juice best juice for weight loss

Ribeiro, Dourado, and Cesar (2016) have done some study research to find the relationship between orange juice allied to a reduced-calorie diet and weight loss. They have conducted a control group of 78 obese patients aged 36 and divided into 2 groups.

The first group was involved in reduced-calorie diet with 100% orange juice while the other group would try reduced-calorie diet without consuming orange juice. They would be under this test for over 12 week time.

What is the result of the test?

Orange juice significantly helps increase the effects of weight loss to our body!

The orange juice in our diet, as a matter of fact, does not increase the level of glucose, but it actually improves insulin sensitivity and anti-inflammatory level. In return, it will enhance the nutritional quality of the diet.

chart orange juice best juice for weight loss


Why does this matter?

It is absolutely an easier way to enhance your weight loss effects if you drink moderate amount of orange juice everyday together with having reduced-calorie diet plan.

What are the benefits of this best juice for weight loss?

You may already know that orange is rich in vital nutrients for a healthy diet. It is a natural source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, Folic Acid, Potassium, etc.

It can protect you against common cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack and so on.

Wait, there’s more.

Also, as proved in the study above, it can decrease the level of insulin and it absolutely is not associated with weight gain, which leads to obesity. It can also prevent oxidative and inflammatory stress.

The best juice for weight loss: grapefruit juice

grapefruit juice best juice for weight loss

Another fabulous fruit to lose weight is grapefruit. Grapefruit is very low in calories and rich in dietary fiber like orange.

Do you want to know if grapefruit can help control weight gain?

Farouk, et al. (2015) conducted a study group of obese rats. He divided the group into 3 subgroups. The first group received cafeteria diet for 3 weeks, the second group received grapefruit juice with feeding cafeteria diet while the last group received sibutramine with feeding cafeteria diet.

Here’s the deal.

As most of us may already know, sibutramine is a medication that assists with weight loss by altering neurotransmitters within the brain. As explained in Neurogistics, neurotransmistters are brain chemicals that communicate information through our brain and body. So, by drinking the sibutramine pills, you can enhance the weight loss, and improve weight maintenance.

So, what are the results for this test?

Needless to say, the effects of grapefruit juice were amazing!

Grapefruit juice could decrease the food consumption effectively after the second and third weeks while sibutramine could only reduce the food consumption after the second week only.

What’s more, unlike sibutramine, grapefruit juice could also decrease body weight gain after the first 3 weeks without influencing the level of brain noradrenaline.

In Asia, you can also make pomelo juice, another citrus family member that has the same nutritional value but even better taste than grapefruit juice. 

reduce fever

Source: foursummers

How to lose weight with pomelo juice

Can find this juice anywhere and want to make your own juice? 

It's a piece of cake when you have the best masticating juicer because it helps maintain the best flavor out of fruits and makes little to no oxidization. This helps the juice last longer! 

Best juice for weight loss: Guava juice

guava juice best juice or weight loss

Source: Online

Or in other words, to treat diabetics as well.

Diabetes can have many negative effects on our health which may damage the health of many parts of our body. Diabetes can cause a wide range of health complications, affecting almost every part of the body. What’s worse, people with diabetes can hardly detect the diseases by themselves until it gets obviously severe.

That’s why we call it a silent killer!

So, what’s the real story?

Have you ever heard of guava?

Guava belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is originally from tropical America so it is well grown in tropical and subtropical areas.

Guava is rich in ascorbic acid and mostly consumed fresh.

But wait there’s more.

Guava is rich in fiber and very low in glycemic index. So, guava juice is proved to reduce the blood sugar level and has been considered a healthy juice for people with diabetes.

According to Li et al. (2004), guava juice is one of the Chinese medicines that cannot only effectively treat and prevent diabetic complications but also lower the blood glucose level.

Many studies including that of Cheng and Yang in 1983 have given the same results for the benefits of guava juice. It confirmed that guava juice could decrease the level of blood sugar in type 2 diabetic mice and LDL concentrations.

As if that’s not enough.

In 2013, Chao and his team have tried to prove once again the effects of guava juice to the elimination of growth of free radicals.

Bottom line.

Guava juice is one of the best juice for weight loss and diabetes treatment. A cup per day can significantly reduce the blood sugar level in your body.

What are all the benefits of guava juice?

Best juice for urinary tract infection treatment: cranberry juice

cranberry juice best juice for urinary infection treatment

Source: Pixabay

One of the most typical bacterial infections in human is urinary tract infections (UTIs) and doctors usually treat it with antibiotics. However, we may already know that treatment with antibiotics for the long term cannot be a safe way.

Good news!

Scientists have found a better way to treat UTIs by eating and drinking cranberry juice! And women who seek to prevent UTIs have always preferred drinking cranberry juice.

What’s inside cranberries?

cranberry juice best juice for weight loss

Cranberry highly includes water, which accounts for 88%. What’s more, it is composed of organic acids, fructose, vitamin C, flavonoids, triterpinoids, etc.

A study by Maki in 2016 has proved the benefits of cranberry juice to fight against UTIs. They conducted the study at more than 17 clinical research sites.

And testers were asked to drink cranberry beverage.

Here’s the deal.

The cranberry juice beverage significantly reduced the UTI incidence density in women. So, it is such a useful tactic to reduce the episodes of recurrent clinical UTI and the use of antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections

Even better

Drinking cranberry juice is also one of the number one juice to lose weight without having the risks of heart attack or stroke. 

By the way

Bruyere stated in his study in 2006 that we should drink cranberries before or 2 hours after meals together with drinking a lot of water because of dehydrated juices.

Best juice for gout treatment: cherry juice

cherry juice best juice for gout treatment

You may already know, gout is the most common inflammatory arthritis in men and older women.

Schlesinger in 2008 stated that patients usually take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to prevent flares and foster compliance with urate lowering therapy.

What are NSAIDs?

These are used to treat any symptom of arthritis, and inflammatory issues like gout.

On the other hand

In 2009, Schlesinger and other researchers proved the fact that this could negatively affect the outcome of treatment. They emphasized the significance of long-term management of gout as the effective way to reduce and maintain SU in a desired range of less than 6.0mg/DL.

So, how can we do to maintain the SU without the excessive use of NSAIDs?

The answer is to drink cherry juice.

Does cherry juice really help?

Zhang et al. proved in their study in 2012 that cherry intake can beneficially lower the occurrence of gout by almost 35%.

As if that’s not enough

In 2013, Schlesinger and his team tried to prove again the relationship between cherry juice and the treatment of gout flare by conducting 2 experiments. The first one included 2 groups A and B that drank cherry juice vs pomegranate juice concentrates without sugar twice a day.

Out of all the patients in group A that drank cherry juice for 4 months, 55% of them were found flare-free while only one of all the patients in group B gave the same result.


They also carried out another test to evaluate the flare prophylaxis for patients in the clinic who were diagnosed with gouty arthropathy or Gout NOS.  Those patients then were asked to drink cherry jucie for 4 months.

The result is surprising! 50% of 24 tested patients were flare-free at 4-6 months. Among them, 8 were taking ULT while 4 were not.

The best part

The difference in the proportion of flare-free individuals between patients taking ULT and those not was not substantial at all!

By the way!

On NutritionFacts.org, doctor Michael Greger According to Michael Greger, cherries are not always on season, so cherry concentrate juice and frozen cherries appear to be the second and third best choices.

Best juice for eye sight improvement: carrot juice

We all have heard once or more that carrot juice can actually improve your eye sight.

carrot juice best juice for eye sight improvement

A study of Chrulski and other researchers in 2015 pointed out that carrots have a certain amount of beta-carotene. This compound is eventually transformed into vitamin A by the body. Other significant compounds in carrots are lutein and zeaxanthin.

The fact is

A 8-ounce glass of carrot juice provides you up to a whopping 45,000 IU of vitamin A (from beta carotene) in a highly absorbable, non-toxic form! - Dee McCaffrey, CDC

Why does this matter?

They altogether help improve visual acuity and macular degeneration that causes visual loss.

You see

Many people are concerned of consuming excessive sugar from juices. These research studies showed the opposite. You now can easily find ways to control your weight gain, reduce the symptom of gout diseases, treat urinary infection, and so on. These kinds of best juice for weight loss and so on are absolutely things that you can’t miss!

best juice for weight loss and many more

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