What is The Background of Tasty Jackfruit?

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Have you ever tasted jackfruit and you… kind of like it?

And you wonder, where was it from and how did it grow in the US?

Today, you can have your eyes open about this giant fruit, which normally weighs up to 77 lbs.

The story of Jackfruit- Another Kind of Asian Fruits

Jackfruit, also popularly known as Jackwood, is a wonderful and highly nutritious fruit that has become the new ‘It’ thing these days. You usually have it as both fruit and vegetable. Find out in this article about the history, origin and some very interesting facts about this fruit.

Where did its journey begin?

The origin of jackfruit is from the Asian subcontinent. It has its roots in India and other neighboring parts of the country in the South-east Asia. Whilst you might be unfamiliar with this fruit, it is actually not the case with its native countries where it has been a staple dietary food for more than 1000+ years.

Amazing right?

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The largest fruit that still grows on the tree 

We all are familiar with some very much loved and popular tree fruits like apples, mangoes and oranges! Ripe, fresh and tasteful – tree fruits are known best of having a wonderful charm of their own. The jackfruit is by far the largest fruit that is grown on trees.

How interesting it is!

The average size of the jackfruit is 3 feet in its length and it can weigh up to almost 77 lbs (or 35kg) in weight! What is even more interesting is that it is only seen growing on the taller trees that are 30 or 50 feet in height and above.

When did it start in the US?

It was only after 2008 that the fruit began to be cultivated in other parts of the world. As of now, you can find it in many places in the United States. It is more common in Hawaii and Florida because the climate in these areas is suitable for growing this fruit.

How does it look like? 

Jackfruit is much similar in appearance to another tropical fruit and that is the Durian fruit, the fruit we may already know. Even though the looks may be similar, jackfruit and durian are much different in taste. Since both fruits are not very common and if it’s your first time seeing the fruits, you can be easily confused.

Let me help you distinguish the most distinct difference.

  • The thorn on durian skin is much thicker and longer, while that on jackfruit is smaller and smoother.
  • The skin of durian is obviously thicker than that of jackfruit too!
  • When cut open, the flesh, or the pulp, of jackfruit is usually chewier and while that of durian is usually softer and more custardy.
  • The scent of the two are distinct as well, even though they have quite interesting smell.

What are the nutrients and calories for jackfruit?

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Amongst all other fruits, jackfruit is best known for being the powerhouse of nutrients and minerals. It is the “miracle” fruit because of its nutrition and many good uses.

You heard that right.

And jackfruit can also be the new meat substitute if you are a vegan. One jackfruit or 1 cup or bowl of jackfruit will give you ninety-five calories out of which you get ample potassium, iron and vitamin B. So, it is an ideal substitute food to consume during your weight loss diet days.

How does it taste like? 

The texture of jackfruit is not constant from one fruit to another. This is a surprise to you who eat jackfruits and find each one different from the other. But this is how the fruit is classified. The larger sized jackfruits have a tough flesh and tough exterior shell and have a bitter-sweet taste. Meanwhile, the smaller ones have a soft and sweet flesh in a soft shell.

What is the funny smell of jackfruit?

One of the funniest and grossest thing about the jackfruit is its smell. If you go to any Asian grocery store and the store displays the fruit right in front, you can even smell it from distance.

Whilst other fruits like mangoes, berries of all sorts, pineapple and oranges are best known for its sugary scents and fragrances – the jackfruit is miles apart from other common fruits. Jackfruit is notorious for its pungent and bad odor. Believe it or not, if you were to judge the fruit based on its smell only, you would never ever want to eat it. It has been cited from various sources that jackfruit smells like rotten cheese and tastes like “pulled pork” .


So, why is it better to juice it? 

Our stomach can easily digest the drink, since it consists of less fiber. 

You can combine with any other fruits that you like, as long as they go well together. 

It is very good at detoxing your body. 

Your skin surely glows and gets smoother after drinking juice daily. 

What is the good choice for juicing?

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To sum up,

This is quite all you need to know for jackfruit. Simply, jackfruit is the biggest fruit on tree with the unique fragrance and lots of nutritional value. It might look quite similar to durian but the skin is lighter and less thorny and the texture is chewier. Many people think that its texture is like that of pork and chicken so it is the perfect “meat” if you are a vegan or vegetarian. The good thing, you can enjoy it raw as a ingredient for your salad, or ripe as a kind of fruit.

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