Why are frozen bananas yummier?

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Why are frozen bananas yummier?

Frozen fruits were proved to be healthier than most of processed foods. That’s why many people try hard to find the best blender for frozen fruits to make healthy meals. How about their yumminess?

The deliciousness of frozen bananas

Do you know that frozen bananas are actually more delicious than normal ones? If not, you can try it. Take a banana and let it frozen (keep it in the freezer for about a day), then take it out and let it thaw. After you have completely defrosted, you will find it even sweeter than room-temperature bananas.

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Think about why this happens?

The benefits of frozen fruits

Fruits can be kept in different forms: fresh, dehydrated, frozen, juiced. Today world makes it too easy to enjoy fruits in any kind of forms thanks to many convenient machines like the best blender for frozen fruits, the best masticating juicer, and the best fruit dehydrator. Some fruits like lychee vs rambutan would be hard to stay fresh in other kinds of form, but banana is another story.

According to ScienceABC, as you know, fresh fruits are easily perishable due to chemical alteration after being harvested. This is because fresh fruits and vegetables contain enzymes that, if activated, can lead to loss of nutrients, discoloration and altered flavor of fresh produce.

That's why blocking the activation of these enzymes becomes important (to prevent chemical reactions) if you want to preserve your fruits. One of the best way to do it is to freeze your fruits.

There are 6 reasons to eat frozen fruits. Many frozen fruits are kept fresh to freeze after harvested. Furthermore, there are no preservatives in frozen fruits, and you can still enjoy it year-round.

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Banana contains high percentage of water

Fruits, like most organic substances, contains water and banana is no exception.

Bananas (and many other fruits) are sweet when ripe as enzyme called amylase helps convert starches or other ingredients into sugar. Amylase contains in food contains a significant amount of starch, but little sugar, such as potatoes, rice, and so on.

Interestingly, amylase is also present in human saliva (and many other mammals) and plays an important role in digesting food. That's why foods contain lots of starch, but very little sugar is sweet when chewed because the amylase in saliva converts some of the starch into sugar.

There are usually two ways to make the fruits sweeter. Firstly, it has high sugar content from the beginning. Secondly, your appetite can "hit" the sugar contained in that fruit faster (compared to other fruits). And a frozen banana meets both of these factors

What happens when a frozen banana is defrosted?

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As mentioned earlier, bananas contain water, so when these fruits are frozen, the water inside it crystalizes and expands. This extension breaks the banana's cell structure (that is, destruction of the cell wall).

The freezing and thawing of fruits also affect the cells on its surface. If you taste the liquid that comes out of the fruit after defrosting, you will find it extremely sweet. However, banana does not contain a lot of liquid but starch, thereby making it sweeter than normal bananas.

If you have been enjoying frozen fruits like bananas, you can consider buying the best blender for frozen fruits with strong power and easy to use like Ninja Professional Blender, Professional Blender 2000W, etc.  

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2 thoughts on “Why are frozen bananas yummier?


    (November 28, 2017 - 2:03 am)

    I have never thought about freezing bananas, but I’m definitely going to try it now! I rarely buy bananas because they go bad faster than my family can eat them. This sounds like a good way to send a banana in my child’s lunch as I’m guessing it will be thawed by the time she opens her lunchbox. One question…will freezing it change the color?


      (November 28, 2017 - 10:15 am)

      Thanks for your comment! That sounds like a perfect idea for your family to also enjoy. If you put it in the freezer when it is just fairly ripe, the banana won’t change its color.

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