Why You Should Really Love Custard Apple

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If you follow my blog, you would have a clear mind of what sweetsop is, and where it originally came from. How about its nutritious value? What nutrients are there in this grenade-shaped kind of Asian fruits?


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A new Wednesday morning has just begun. I know you may feel so hard to get out of bed already because we all know what it will be like on the “hump” day of the week. It is when you should treat yourself even better with healthy and delicious foods. That’s why I always want to introduce you several nutritious fruits that may be valuable to your health. This time, it will be sugar apple, also known as custard apple, atis fruit or sweetsop. I won’t let you wait any longer. These are several main nutrients in this fruit.

facts of sugar apple

Vitamin C:

Previously in other fruit reviews, all kinds of fruits may hold a considerable amount of vitamin C and atis fruit is not an exception even though it actually tastes as sweet as sugar (I’m not lying at all!). In each serving, it has 60% of vitamin C in daily value. Hence, you will consume a good source of antioxidants which helps you reduce the seriousness or severe symptom of asthma, a typical disease of airway that makes people harder to breathe.

Vitamin B6

For anyone who has concerns over heart issues, this can be an absolute support for a healthier heart. Thanks to the fact that it is rich in vitamin B6 (a kind of amino acid), it is found to avoid any development of homocysteine. The level of this acid in our blood, thereby, can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Now you would know what kind of fruits to give for anyone who has heart problems.


We all must know how fiber is helpful to control the level of sugar in our body. And the significant amount of fiber can, in returns, back off the sugar absorption into our bodies; hence, the consumption of atis fruit has been connected with a lower danger of the growing Type 2 diabetes.

There’s even more…

Custard Apple Sweetsop afw

I remember when I went through the facts of other fruits, e.g. litchi fruit, they all consist of a significant level of potassium, magnesium, and sweetsop also never loses any of those. What’s more, it even has Thiamin, Niacin and Riboflavin.

Potassium is so crucial in lowering your blood pressure level because it helps control the side effects of extra sodium absorbed inside the body. Therefore, it controls and stabilizes the high blood pressure. Meanwhile, magnesium, most found in nuts, green leaves, is believed to strengthen the bones. Magnesium generally is included in any bone fortifying supplements because it can help improve bone density and strength.

Last but not least, two other important nutrients that this fruit offers are Thiamin, Niacin and Riboflavin. When you get too tired or even exhausted, a bite of sugar apple can do you some sweet favor because it is rich in Thiamin, a necessary nutrient to help body gain back energy. If you’re getting high in cholesterol level, this is not a big deal anymore when eating some sugar apple because it consists of Niacin also, to produce efficiently a level of good cholesterol. And it can aid in maintaining supply of vitamin B in our body with Riboflavin, which helps our body grow and function normally.

It also consists of a small amount of copper and folate that are good for throid health status and reduction in pregnancy problem.

How amazing it is! I never thought this super sweet sugar apple can be this helpful. Now, we both know another reason to enjoy the atis fruit.

asian fruit fact

I know that some of you may just love eating fruits like I do, and would like to know more about the surprising facts and the health benefits of fruits to our bodies. That is why we are all here to share our experiences with fruits, especially Asian fruits. And of course, I would love to hear more from you about your own experiences or stories with fruits. Please don’t leave me out of your fun fruit stories. 

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