Will gums be healthier with fruit bits?

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A group of students in National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico has made innovative move by creating candy with almost 60 percent less sugar by adding fruit bits.

Gums with fruits: Is it healthier and yummier?

How thoughtful and creative these students are!

The idea of gum with real fruit bits

They named their gumdrops Dubbed ExotiGum. These gumdrops are surely low in saccharine, powder that is shockingly proved 300 times sweeter than sugar. The certain highlighted part of these gumdrops is that they contain fruit bits, the natural sweeteners.

gumdrop fruit bits

There’s more

There are 2 different and interesting kinds of gums: one covered with chocolate and the other one chili  powder!

The creator of the product, Melissa Alvarado, who is also a student in National School of Biological Sciences at IPN, expressed the most consumed food in Mexico including gumdrops.

Where was the idea of gumdrops with exotic fruits from?

We may already know that sugar and fats are the main factors that cause overweight and obesity. In 2016, Ensanut published the warning increase in obesity rate of both young people and adults. The rate of young people increased from 34.9 percent to 36.3 percent while that of adults increased from 71.2 to 72.5 percent in 4 years.

In case that’s not enough

watermelon 12 fruits constipation

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Another survey of Ensanut showed the relatively worrisome population of people with diabetes in Mexico. From 2012 to 2016, the population went up from 9.2 percent to 9.4 percent. This health issues also cost a lot of money to the government every year.

That’s why

The group of brilliant students have come up with this healthy and tasty alternative.

What’s inside the healthy gumdrops?

The gumdrops are still made from basic ingredients like sweeteners, gelatin and additives. However, to add more nutrition, the group added several bits of fresh fruits including watermelon, mango, pineapple and so on. They had some considerations when adding fruits to gums that are covered either with chocolate or chili powder.

Surely, they consider the benefits of each fruit when deciding to add healthy fruit bits into the gums. Needless to say, some fruits like pineapple cannot only make a delicious candy like this but also be one of the best juice for weight loss thanks to its nutrition .

You would be surprised

But the limitation of added saccharine does not affect the flavor, the taste or the texture of the gums at all.

The calories of the fruity gumdrops?

Of course, the students cannot leave out the crucial calculation of kCalories in each gumdrop, which was around 102-109 kcalories per gumdrop.

According to Aldia, the other students that contributed to the brilliant ideas for a new healthy candy option included Arturo Sergio Espejel Rivera, Juan Manuel Cordova Felix, Angelica Estefania Gonzalez Mayen, Martin Valentin Gomez Moreno and Ricardo Emmanuel Sanchez Sandoval.

Fruits are always the healthy snack options for everyone and now, we have another alternative to enjoy our fruits.

The question is

Will this gumdrop be able to maintain all the nutrition of fruits after processing and manufacturing?

We can only know this after these gumdrops are widely produced. Expect the good results later in time.

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