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Do you have a great story with the food you make with fruits?

Do you want to share with the whole world your cooking masterpiece?

Or are you simply health-conscious and would like to share more health experience with fruits?


Why not share with us?

We have the big audience who always want to know more about what fruits can bring to our life.

You can get your “name” recognized.

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“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Sharing your tips with others can help a lot of people do brilliant things like you.

What you can do for guest posting

Topics can include any recipe, stories or health tips about fruits. Or any topics on vegan food.

Take a look at our articles:

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7 Fruits for People with Diabetes

We prefer posts on topics that have been refreshingly new and authentic, with not promotional products. (We know you are authentic, right!) If you want to promote your products, please DM us and we will give you an Ad Display quote!

It means, no plagiarism is accepted!

The post should be 700 words and above. (We prefer quality content! After all, it helps your brand go more viral, doesn’t it?)

You can submit up to 3 photos for 1 post.

You can provide us with your BIO including a photo of you and your background. (Let other people know who you are!)

What we will do

We will review your article submissions within 2 weeks’ time since we need some time for checking the grammar, content and length before publishing it.

We only publish your BIO with NO URL link included. If you would like to have your URL link, please have sponsored post or become our contributor.

What is sponsored post?

We can upload your post with a URL link back to your site. However, we only sponsor 2 URL links per guest post. You can pay $10 per sponsored post.

How can you become a contributor?

To become a contributor, you need to write 3 posts, or articles, to our website. Simply, you can attach your URL link on your third guest post.

I want to promote my product

We’re welcome for you to do that. However, we will charge some fee for promotion post and we will promote it on our social media platform as well. Please DM us with your product info, description and customer segment (if possible)

How can we get started?

Please send us your Request with the Headline “Here comes the great guest post!” via email asianfruitworld@(dot)com. (Please replace (dot) with .  . This will help us remove bot spam. Thank you!)

Or fill out the contact form below. And we will get back to you within 2 days.

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